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Multimedia Festival of Distinguished Students


Social responsibilities

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The Festival of Distinguished Students is a platform for better visibility of capabilities and a platform for accurate assessment of talents and an opportunity to fully understand the interests and individual and social tendencies of students in Iran .... We, along with consultants, experts and committed specialists Education and research in the path of excellence of thought, empowerment, creative thinking and talent identification We are with you dear students and by supporting and guiding and supporting your abilities in this field, we will play our role as executors of our social responsibility. .. Join us to start a great transformation

Top Students

Dear parents, educators and users, benefit from our valuable prizes by registering your comments and giving points to the following excellent students while participating in the popular vote.

علی شیخ محمدی

پروفایل کاربر
علی شیخ محمدی

پروفایل کاربر
Ali Sheykh Mohammadi

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Fateme Bakhshi

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Ramin Keramatian

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Mahdi Sendani Kashi

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Today's children are the architects of the world to come